DYNA Heavy Solutions is linked to DYNA Trade int b.v.
Our range of 6 x 6 trucks

Looking for a truck dealer who is specialized in checked, renewed or refurbished trucks?
Dyna Heavy Solutions customizes trucks with features like:

– NEW special 24 inch tires or Goodyear 365/9585R20 ORD 164J tires,
– new paint,
– reconstructed frame,
– off-road specifications,
– mining or foresting constructions,
– special cranes or vandalism proof cover/storage boxes
– or mobile workarea.

All on customer demands or request.

Interested? Please contact us.

MB 3340 multi-load 6×6 D11048
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MAN 33.390 tipper 6×6 D00475-1
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MAN 33.390 tipper 6×6 D00475-2
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MAN 33.340 tipper 6×6 D467977
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MB 3336 tipper 6×6 D109050
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