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  • Mercedes Benz 1017 A
  • Chassis:
Number of axles: 2
Configuration: 4x4
Loading Capacity: 5000
Own weight: 7200
Maximum-weight 12200
Wheelbase: 360
Suspension type: spring/air
  • Powertrain
Engine type: OM501 A LI Daimler-Benz
Engine model: 6 cylinder
Euro engine: 2
Gearbox: manual
  • Tires:
Tire size: 4x GoodYear 365/85R20 ORD
Condition tires: 100% NEW
  • Additional information:
Manual tacho, Cold start, Tow shaft, Cabin third person seat, Manual clutch, PTO, Manual atlas AK3006 crane and jacks, lockable reinforced loading cabin structure.
  • Shipping dimensions:
Length x Width x Height ;
7100 x 2380 x 3450
  • Condition:
Refurbished , low mileage, Very good, easy to operate.
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